Monday, May 08, 2006

Hooray for Great Mom

Delayed post from Wednesday, May 3

Ok we said that this blog was about OurDad, but today Great Mom made us real proud and somehow OurDad didn’t do anything too bad. It was Great Mom’s big day, and he was on his best behavior. That actually kind of freaked us out; if OurDad's behaving, there's no one to make us look good!

Great Mom ran her first 5K and she ran the whole way! We had fun cheering for her and went out for ice cream afterwards!

Why did Great Mom do this: to get in shape, to accomplish something, or just to get a smaller butt? We're thinking it is some combination weighted toward the butt.

Great Mom has made the following observation about runners: Runners never have big butts. So which is the cause and which is the effect. She's banking on it being that runners have small butts because they run, as apposed to the inverse hypothesis; that they can run because they have small butts.

We think OurDad favors the former hypothesis too. You should have seen him cheering her on.

That's OurDad...

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