Monday, April 23, 2007

Belated Earth Day

You may not know this, but OurDad has been known to teach Environmental Science at the Old CC. He's very concerned about the environment we live in. In fact he's so into it he celebrated Earth Day this year by waiting until after Earth Day to spread fertilizer with herbicide all over the lawn we play on!

To OurDad's credit he usually forgoes the herbicides and pesticides and just over loads the lawn with nitrogen based fertilizer, but with the big move he seems to be fixing things around the house, throwing out anything he thinks can fit into the local landfill and trying to make the lawn look extra good with no regard to the environment. Good luck being a stand in for Al Gore now. All so someone else can enjoy our Michigan home.

Who cares about the environment when there's a house to be sold.

OurDad's not exactly this guy, but I could see him singing this way if the mood stuck. I happen to like toilet paper so I'm hoping not.


SourDad said...

Hey you try to sell an house in this SE Michigan market with a lawn of dandelions.

Miranda said...

Hey, you do remember your account info! We put the toxic crap on the lawn last year just so the damn grubs would die, die, die. I could only bring myself to do it once or twice though.

This year, I am going to be firm and use the really toxic stuff to kill the weeds in the sidewalk cracks and the nasty vine taking over my front flower bed. Just don't tell the crunchy moms I hang out with, okay?

SourDad said...

What account?

Hey the Earth friendly Nematodes really work on the grubs--used it last year, but it's more $$$.

BTY we are still a dandelion rich environment here.

Miranda said...

I love dandelions. No, really. Looking out the kitchen window and seeing a sea of green and bright yellow makes me smile.

I'll check out the better stuff.

(I was being a smart ass about you never posting, that's all.)

(I know, shocking, me being snarky)