Wednesday, May 16, 2007

OurDad's Biking Clinic or Skidmarks for Boy Scouts

OurDad a has out done himself this time--he nearly got us kicked out of the BSA.

My Boy Scout Troop is planning a cycling trip up the west coast of Michigan. It'll be a great trip-- too bad we won't have time to go. Anyway, they know OurDad's like Mr. Mountain biker so they asked him to put on a biking clinic. It was great-- at first.

All the guys brought their bikes up to the school where we meet, and OurDad fixed practically all of them. Then he had to take it a bit further and talk about equipment. He brought this old helmet to show everyone how a helmet really can prevent head injuries. His is covered with cracks and scratches from landing on his head after bike wrecks, and he's "no worse for the wear." I for one am not too convinced. He talked about nutrition and hydration, and showed everyone his Camelbak. And then he brought out the bike shorts-- the girly racer boy kind that look like they'd fit the GirlChild. Oh, I can't tell you how bad that was, but it got worse, he showed everyone the chamois. That's that padding in the bike shorts for your butt, but no one was listening at this point because they were all to grossed-out by the skidmarks! But then it got even worse-- he explained that everyone has skidmarks in their bike shorts because you're not supposed to wear underwear under your bike shorts.

We were informed that in the BSA the boys and the adults are to wear underwear at all times.

I don't think we'll be invited on any more cycling outings with the scouts.

Perhaps OurDad was thinking if we got kicked out of the Boy Scouts it would make leaving Michigan easier. Wrong!


SourDad said...

Come on that didn't really happen, but only because I ran out of time fixing all those bikes. I had fully intended to show them my skidmarks and tell them that you don't wear underwear under your bike shorts. It's so funny to see the reaction that gets from noncyclists and nubie cyclists alike.

Miranda said...

We had our own version of this with a friend regarding tights. However, ballerinas never get skidmarks.

Stewart Sternberg said...

This is a fun story. As for making leaving Michigan is it that leaving Michigan could be hard? Sign me up for the "Get-out-of-town-express"

SourDad said...

Hi Stewart,

Long time no see. I have been way too busy to keep up with the blog world. I was glad th see that you got back to it a few weeks ago.

As for leaving MI: We're going to take such a beating on our house it may not make sense on paper to take this new job, but we're going anyway.

Hey I really liked Fishing with the Little People. I'll have to stop by your blog later today.

janmack said...

I luv reading your blog. The kids are so cool, I mean take a look at their Dad!

I hope you guys keep up the blogging during your travels to Misoura!

Ali B. said...

BSA & skidmarks - I really did lose some of the ginger ale I was drinking... hilarious even if THAT part was fiction!!

SourDad said...

Hi Ali,

Sorry about your keyboard, but I'm glad you liked the post.

SourDad said...


Don't worry leaving Michigan won't stop me from being ridiculous. I'll have plenty of stuff to blog about.