Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Tora Tora Tora part 4

OurDad's truck has been recovered from the enemy. Thank god our AAA operatives were able to determine that the employees at "Quality Auto" in Fruitport Michigan were in the employ of the enemy. They were also able to determine that Quality Auto was not even a AAA approved shop.

The fact that it was taken to an enemy shop by operatives within the AAA in the first place suggests that the enemy has infiltrated into the deepest ranks of the American automotive fortress, a dangerous trend, that if allowed to continue could result in the derailment of one of America's most important industries.

OurDad's truck is now in dry dock safely in the hands of AAA operatives in Grand Haven who come with the highest of AAA security clearance. This time we are confident OurDad's truck will be repaired and returned in time for him to set off on his next mission to New U.


SourDad said...

Here's the deal. I need this truck. Sure I could buy a new vehicle, but it would cost several thousand to get a used car that I'd have any faith it, i.e. a Honda. And a certified used Honda costs $13,000 minimum.

With me going off on my own to New U and GreatMom working in the Auto industry and our house losing value by the day, we just aren't in a position to take out a loan, for a new or used car.

I think the truck will make it another year on a $1000 repair. Heck I've nearly replaced everything on it so it's almost a new truck anyway...

Miranda said...

cue Bionic Man music.

Dorky Dad said...

Eesh. Good luck. Four-figure repairs are tough. I hope you can get through the year.

Have you tried duct tape? I think I've used that on a car or two. My Civic is getting to the duct tape point, too.