Monday, September 24, 2007

First Mountain Biking then Golfing and now Fishing

This could be worse than we thought. Apparently Ludicrous U has a 1000 acer field site and historic pioneer village complete with trails and fishing ponds. Again very suspicions! He stayed out there last weekend, and guess what he did; he went fishing and mountain biking.

Oh sure, he called it field work, but we know what he's up to-- he's OurDad. He was the personal guest of the field site's director. We'll call him Conservation Guru. The Guru lives on site in one of the historic stone pioneer houses with his dog and cat. Apparently the Guru is desperate for company and OurDad was all too willing make the Guru feel at home. Well the Guru was at home, unlike OurDad.

OurDad just raved about the place and said it had all sorts of potential, but he didn't say for what. Hey we are the ones up here in Michigan with the puppy. The whole reason we got the puppy was so OurDad would come back and see us every few weeks.

This Ludicrous U thing better be worth it because we miss OurDad.

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SourDad said...

Ok so I'm trying to enjoy myself here. No the TMI way you pervs. I feel guilty enough just being here, what do I have to feel guilty for riding my bike and going fishing or golfing or going to a Cardinals game.... maybe. Can't I just feel guilty for blogging when I should be grading student papers.

I do miss my Michigan family, that includes my actual family and my buds.