Monday, September 24, 2007

The Tour of Boredom

We went to Missery last week for that Tour of Missouri thing, and to see OurDad. Well we think GreatMom just wanted to see George. The whole thing was boring, and OurDad and GreatMom acted like total idiots. Thank God Lance thought he was too good to show up even though it was his team's last race ever. God, had they actually see Lance they would have wet them selves in public. It was bad enough that we had to go to the race on Friday for the end of stage 4 in Columbia, Missery. They just went ape.

On Saturday it was worse they took pictures and got autographs while they ran around the state like school-girl groupies. First to Jefferson city for the start of stage 5 and then they ran to the car and drove like idiots to get to the KOM, that's King of the Mountain, point of the race 90 miles away. Hello there are no mountains in Missery. As it was the riders just rolled over the whopping 500 feet of elevation at maybe 8% like it was a turd in the road. Then they tried to get to the finish in St. Charles, but they just missed the riders there. They probably cried over that one. They stayed for all the awards, boring. Really all they wanted to see was George, George, George.

Here's a picture GreatMom took of George in the yellow leaders jersey. He and his team the Disco boys grabbed it on the second day of the race. It was a joke. They had no competition at all, and walked away with the overall win for George with little effort. It really was the world class verses the rednecks of cycling. Don't believe it was a redneck event: On stage 2 a rider hit a road kill armadillo. He crashed resulting in a broken collar bone and was forced to abandon the race. That will never ever happen in Europe.

I'm so glad they dumped us off the OurDad's Dad and Mom on Saturday.


SourDad said...

The kid does not know what he's talking about! The race was awesome! Cycling like on other sport lets you get right up to the athletes. The Picture of George here he's signing an autograph for me. No I'm not the guy with the head phones. Ok so I want a bit groopie for the whole thing, but it was Discovery's last ride, at least until the current doping scandals blow over.

I can't wait to see what it looks like next year.

Miranda said...
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Craig D said...

Is that Curley Howard there, with the headset?

Dude, I hope you got his autograph. N'yuk, N'yuk, N'yuk!

SourDad said...

Holy Crap I think you're right, Craig. I was so busy trying to get George's attention. I didn't even notice a try boyhood hero. What a missed opportunity.

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