Monday, September 10, 2007

Where the Hell has OurDad Been?

After a month at New U we thought OurDad would come crying home to moma, meaning GreatMom, but apparently not. Perhaps all that time being a stay-at-home dad actally taught him to take care of himself. But that still doesn't explain how he's waking up at six each morning and actually being in the classroom and ready to teach, meaning dressed, by 8- am! "I wish I was there to see it", said GreatMom. "He's never been anywhere at 8:00 in the morning if it didn't involve fishing, golfing or mountain biking."

This made us wonder: Just what is dad teaching at New U. We did a little research into New U and it doesn't look good. For one it's not new at all it's more than 100 years old, and for west of the Mississippi that's pretty old. OurDad has said they do things a little differently there, but we thought he was talking about having to teach at 8:00 in the morning. Check this they have a cycling team--very suspicious! A cycling team at a university in America that's strange and maybe unAmerican. They also list flyfishing classes in their catalog, again very suspicious. Sure OurDad says he's teaching biology there, but we think he's trying to weasel his way into teaching things like Sports Nutrition for Cycling Fitness or the Molecular Biology of the Missouri Brown trout Salmo trutta redneckii or Genetic Engineering for Golf Course Sod Management.

Let's face it there's got to be something wrong with any place that'd hire OurDad to be in charge of a group of willful twenty year olds. It's just the place for him-- Ludicrous U.

If the housing market doesn't turn around soon allowing us to move there to be with him, we may never see OurDad again because he sure won't want to leave Ludicrous U for the Old CC or the frozen waste land of Michigan.


Miranda said...

Methinks you need to update your bio to the right. Oh, and thanks for bringing the collective emotional age back down to 12 on the mac thread.

(don't get offended, I ROTFLed, okay?)

Ali B. said...

Congrats on taking care of yourself west of the Mighty Mississippi & here's to that MI house selling soon!

Mike C said...

I had no idea you had flown the coop! (well, at least not physically!) Glad to hear you're surviving (feels like that's the best we can do some days...) We're in the same boat in the MI housing market.. I'll pray yours sells if you'll pray for mine.. ;)

SourDad said...

M. Bio updated.

Ali, Hi there. Thanks for the well wishes.

Soupy, How's the Windy city? I hope it's treating you right. How long a drive from there to Custer? Trails here rock. As for the prayer thing, sorry the G man and I aren't on speaking terms because of the Michigan economy.