Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Diary of the germs of a sick girl part 2

Just because I was sick over the weekend doesn't mean I can't get sick again. I told OurDad I had a soar throat this morning. He gave me some Tylenol sent me to school. An hour later I called from school and told him again that my throat hurt. He said I didn't have permission to be sick, and that I should call him back after lunch. I knew I shouldn't call GreatMom at work to ask to come take me home when OurDad was already at home. So I suffered till lunch, and tried to eat some grapes, it hurt. So I called OurDad again... at least I didn't need to call him three times.

Of course when we got home he went all epidemiological on me, shining a flash light down my throat. "No, I can't get my tongue out of the way." Then he tells me my tonsils look swollen. I told him he was not a real doctor and then asked him for more Tylenol.

He did spend the afternoon reading me Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. We're on page 438.

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SourDad said...

"No you can't be sick again. I did not give you permission to be sick."

Yes I said it, but not meanly. If I had nickel for every time they claimed they were too sick for school when they turn out to be fine an hour later, I'd have at least 85 cents. They don't always know when they are really sick.

This is why I put up with teaching as an adjunct at the old cc. I have summers off and an open enough schedule to take care of sick kids. I wasn't teaching today so it was a can of corn.

So much for all that Lysol. At last check she was sleeping nicely in our bed.