Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Environmental Science Proves It or To Pee or not to Pee

Last week OurDad took his Environmental Science class to a waste water treatment facility. That's where all the water in your house or business goes to be cleaned up before it's released back into the environment.

This sounds appropriate for an environmental science class, but not in the hands of OurDad. The first hint of trouble was that he entitled the field trip, "What Happens When You Flush." Gross!

Ok so it is about poo water, and the students were grossed out-- like they don't poo-- but the facility's manager told them it's not just toilet water, "it's dish water, shower water, anything that goes down the drain." At these words OurDad was enraptured by an epiphany: "So it's ok to pee in the shower!" he thought out loud.

Great environmental science makes the planet safe from OurDad's pee. What's next the pool?

Be sure to see OurDad's side of this one in the comments.


SourDad said...

It wasn't actually an epiphany, I've known for years that all the drain pipes in the house went to the same place as the toilet so of course it's ok to pee in the shower, but I never gave it much thought until a few years ago I was watching, the now defunct, Man Show with that lame-ass Jimmy Kimmel. He were answering fan mail, and the question in question was, "Is it ok to pee in the shower?" And Jimmy answers, "yeah sure", as if he wasn't really sure.

Giver me a break any real man knows all the pipes go to the same place so of course it's ok. The real question from the fan probably was, "Is it ok to pee in the shower in mixed company?" Now Jimmy having never been in the shower in mixed company couldn't answer this question. Of course the answer's still the same, YES. The pipes all go to the same place even if a woman's in the shower.

It's really not a question of 'if it's ok', it a question of 'how'. We aren't talking golden shower here. Lets get that straight. Golden Showers are for real perverts, not real men.

Ok so we've established that's ok to pee in the shower, but this fact seems to have no bearing on the feminine point of view. So there you are and you gotta go, are you going to step out of the shower dripping all over the floor, they don't like that either... So here's what you do: you offer to shampoo her hair, they love that, and when you've got her all lathered up you get a little in her eye, and you're home free!

SourDad said...

It's a joke, I tell ya, a joke!

Do you really think I'm man enough to pee in the shower?

Miranda said...

What? And admit it? Is there a "Plead the 5th" option?