Thursday, July 05, 2007

Tora Tora Tora part 2

After we watched Mom ride all the roller coasters at Michigan Adventure we headed back to Fruitport to pick up OurDad's truck. The Fruitport Grease monkey at Quality Auto was real nice and said we could leave it there for the day in stead of driving both cars up to Michigan Adventure. That was great except that OurDad didn't drive it at all! Sure Grease Monkey said, "it's fine I drove it around the block."

Well I don't think he drove it over 30 mph, because if he had he might have noticed the whole thing nearly shake apart. So it's 8pm on July 3rd: GreatMom has taken the day off work and drug us three hours across the state to get OurDad's Truck, Quality Auto is closed and will be the next day, July 4th, the truck could be driven home at 30 mph, if you wanted to take six hours to get back to D-town that is if you weren't blown off the road by everyone else that doing 80 mph, we are hungry, GreatMom is doing her best not to offer any unsolicited advice, OurDad is so pissed he's reached some zehn like state in which he has surrendered to the universe which of course means he could snap at any second.

I couldn't believe it OurDad didn't even curse. It's actually really bad when he's too mad to use swear words. We all stayed real quite in the Honda with GreatMom as we followed OurDad back to Quality Auto. We silently helped OurDad empty out the truck in case this next repair bill was a death sentence. We just went on to Grand Haven because we didn't think it'd be safe to sit in the car with him for three hours. We hoped hanging out in Grand Haven, the lake side resort town just down the road would help diffuse him, but by the time we got there all the restaruants were closed. This only made OurDad quieter. The only word he'd utter was, "sure."


SourDad said...

Anyone care to guess what's going to go wrong next?

Miranda said...

Well you got a prize and I think you should beware of this. Just in case.

SourDad said...

You think inferi (zombies) will be after me next? Even I don't think it's as bad as all that, but thanks for the perspective. I should realize that even though my career and family life are in the balance my life isn't.

Miranda said...

I was actually making a reference to my joke about your truck being a zombie truck what with all it's returns from the dead.

I swear I wasn't trying to be patronizing or dismissive of your problems which rank among the biggest stressors one can face.

Fringes always likes to say when there is a freak out that "Everything already is okay." It's sort of a way to remember that life is funny and cyclical and rarely ideal.

Be kind to yourself right now. Life is dishing enough crap your way before you even have a chance to add to it.

Hugs and double cream stout and dairy-free chocolate.

Anonymous said...

Umm I don't know what else could go wrong??

Aunt Mel

Anonymous said...

I HATE automechanics. They're evil. Most of them, anyway. One of my favorite cartoonists, J. Booth, captures the very dark souls of auto mechanics in some of his best cartoons. One of my favorites is of this man standing inside the repair shop looking angrily at his car's engine. Several large, gape-mouthed mechanics are standing around the repair shop eating donuts and sandwiches. There is a plate of food resting precariously on top of the car battery under the propped-up hood.

The caption reads something like, "It will cost ya about $850. We found a piece of salami gumming up the transmission."

Not to top your story, but I've had a few "repairs" on my car that nearly cost me my life. Bastards.

-- Phoebe