Monday, August 06, 2007

What's not in Your Wallet?

OurDad says David Spade must have a new job, because the people at Capital One just told him NO!

OurDad is not happy about the "no hassle" credit card nearly tripling their interest rate! So he called them today to talk about it. After several phone calls to automated systems he finally reached a rebellious soul (who is probably a regular poster at in the applications department. She told him that if he called the customer relations number, which he had done multiple times today, and just let it play out eventually a real person would come on the line.

OurDad tried it, and it worked. He asked about the increase in the rate and if something could be done about it. First and foremost they said NO!

He said he could hear David Spade in the Background.

They told him his only other option would be to decline the changes, but if he did so he would no longer be able to use the card. He told them, "No, I can transfer the balance and you will lose a customer!"


the Prince of Thrift said...

here is a video reply

Dorky Dad said...

Ugh. Sorry you must deal with such crap. Funny how they had a bunch of ads proclaiming that theirs is a hassle-free card when in fact the only thing it's free of is decent customer service.