Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Tora Tora Tora part 3

OurDad still doesn't have a truck. That means if we want to go somewhere we have to ride our bikes. It's getting old.

Quality Auto told OurDad today that they can't figure out what's wrong with it. They've had it about a month, that should be enough time to find all the coins under the cushions much less figure out why nearly shakes to pieces at 40 mph. Did we tell you that last week they did mention something about a guy at the shop who needs a truck.

Hey Dad do you know what fish smells like?

OurDad told them to put it back together and drive it.

Stay tuned for part 4 tomorrow when OurDad leans if putting a broken truck back together without fixing it makes any difference, and for part 5 when we drive across the state, yet again, to get the truck. What we'll do with it god knows.

I just hope OurDad remembers the pinkslip, because I think he's going to need it.


SourDad said...

At least they are not charging me for not fixing my truck, that is after I've already given them $250.

What Next?

Miranda said...

I think your mechanic's cousin Vinny came out to fix our furnace the previous winter. Three visits and $2500 later, we had heat once more.

At least you get another trip to Grand Haven out of it. Worse things have happened.

Dorky Dad said...

They can't figure out what's wrong with the truck? Are these guys actual mechanics? Sheesh ...

SourDad said...

Hey Double D so you're finished with the Potter book and back on the net...;)

I think the guys at "Quality Auto" may have basically stolen my truck, and since it's at a AAA approved shop I'm calling AAA again today to demand they do something like tow it to a reputable shop or Ford dealer