Thursday, March 15, 2007

He knows they should be studying

I'm not sure why OurDad did this today, but he told his students he'd give any of them that found this blog an A. They aren't going to find it, and he's not going to give any of them who do find it an A, but clearly some of them took it on as a challenge I'll bet they are combing wordpress and blogger sites right now when they should be studying for the pop quiz he's writing up for tomorrow!


SourDad said...

I'm not sure where that self centered crap came from today, but it sure was funny to toy with them. I have a good rapport with this class, and I'm enjoying this semester. And no there's no quiz tomorrow.

Miranda said...

You know, if only they would apply themselves to their schoolwork the same way they would apply themselves to their more nefarious grade-grubbing schemes.

Do you know I had to tell a student several times to keep her hands out of PS's stuff? Another student kept complaining that the class is harder than the one before. Um....DUH????

Lastly, they wanted to join me at my watering hole with my friends after class. "If I told you where I go, then you would know!" Isn't seeing them in class enough?

I think you should give a quiz now. Maybe the SpongeBob one.