Wednesday, March 21, 2007

It's Genetic!!! That's OurDad's Dad

Grandpa got the Girl Scout cookies I sent him last week, and the Valentines I sent too.

GreatMom found this great Valentine's craft. You get a cookie sheet with heart shape molds and you fill the molds with broken crayons and bake them at 250 degrees for 10 to 15 minutes and then you let them cool. And you have these great heart shaped crayons. They work and everything.

Popping them out of the molds is a little tricky, but OurDad figured out that a couple minutes in the freezer solves that problem. He is kind of smart about that science stuff-- something about things contracting when their cold... bla, bla , bla...

They are so cool. GreatMom and I made batches five batches of them in one day! Then we started running out of the valentine's colors, but it was too much fun just to stop so we kept making more with greens, and browns, and tans and blue crayons. They came out kind of ugly compared to the pretty pink and red and white swirly ones.

Anyway I had all these really cool gifts to give out with my Valentine's day cards this year at school. We had lots left over, and OurDad said GrandMa would get a kick out of them so we sent her all the ones we had left. It just happened to be GS cookie time so we sent them with our cookies.

Anyway OurDad's Dad got the Cookies and the chocolate hearts today, or what he thought were chocolate hearts. Below is a excerpt form today's email from OurDad's Dad.

the cookies arrived today and they are great, however there was a sandwich bag with some heart shaped candy and I thought how nice, the kids made candy hearts and sent them to us. So I ate one and had to spit it out and get an tooth pick to clean the wax from my teeth. I showed them to your mother and she looked at them carefully and said they are crayons. I knew the taste and smell were familiar.

Now life makes so much more sense.

That's OurDad's Dad...


SourDad said...

Really it is genetic. My dad is color blind, green minus actually, so lots of stuff looks kind of brown to him.

Think about the texture and appearance of crayons in a heart shape. If you're just enough of a chocolate fiend you might just pop one in the old pie hole before anyone else has a chance to know you're hording chocolates.

But it gets better. Just think about how when you eat something and expect it to be something else-- it takes a bite or two to realize it's not what you thought it was. You could get in a couple of good wax packing mastications before you went looking for the tooth picks.

I'll be laughing about this one for weeks. What his teeth must have looked like! I'm sure the power of imagination doesn't do it justice.

Great one Dad. It's a new family classic!

Melanie said...

Dad called me and told me about this right after I spoke to you. From Lil sis