Tuesday, March 20, 2007

We're taking OurDad's Side on this One--Place mats

What is the point of a place mat? Great Mom says they're to catch crumbs, they help keep the table clean. OurDad thinks this is great-- as long as said place mats aren't adorned with idyllic settings for fluffy pink kittens-- you don't have to wipe the table.

However, GreatMom disagrees. Of course you have to wipe the table, and the place mats. This is where the GirlChild and I agree with OurDad. If the place mats are for protecting the table from sloppy eaters, like OurDad, fine then there a are just place mats and not the whole table to clean. This makes sense. But GreatMom insists that the table still needs to be wiped after dinner in addition to cleaning the place mats.

So what are the place mats for?!

We need a answer to this one before were expected to do our share of housework here.


SourDad said...

I really don't get the whole place mat thing. I think it's really there to actuate some formal dining setting--purely aesthetic with no relation to the the hygiene of our dining room table.

I just want someone to admit the truth about the place mat, and I'll stop arguing the point. If She wants them for aesthetic reasons I can live with that, but I just can live with the LIE.

Men of America you must unite against this great and unbearable dining room place mat conspiracy.

Dirt said...

You always say I never visit your blog or comment, but here I am, to disagree with you.. :)

Wikipedia says: "Their primary function is to protect the table from water marks, food stains or heat damage.." and thus go on to say that they are also used for decoration. But, their main purpose is to protect the table.

So, they can protect the table that is directly beneath the place mat, but not the rest of the table, so if there is wiping after the meal, the whole table should be wiped, along with the place mats.

That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.. ;)

Marty said...

I was thinking that place mats are more important when you're using a nice tablecloth of some sort .. the place mats would protect the tablecloth from stains ...

On a table without tablecloths, the place mats could protect the table from watermarks, etc.. or, what dirt said above ;)

Ultimately, you're not going to win this one, SD, and you know it :P

SourDad said...

So basically you're saying there's no place mat conspiracy, and I'm just paranoid?

Melanie said...

They are for decoration.

SourDad said...

Maybe so Mel, but Dirt and Marty seem to be putting up a good argument against me.

Wikipedia... I'm going to edit that entry right now. I've got that PhD thing they gotta let me edit anything I want!