Thursday, March 15, 2007

Why does OurDad have talk to everybody at the library?

A trip to the library with OurDad can be a real problem. If we're staying a while it's not so bad; I just find some books and DVD's and the BoyChild and I play some computer games while OurDad is off doing god-knows-what amongst the stacks of books, and he doesn't bother us. But if it's a quick run... Well there is no quick run to the library with OurDad. He has to talk to all the librarians, bla bla bla. I'm not knocking our WoundTight Township Library, it's one of the top 100 public libraries in the country, but please WTT librarians could you stop talking to OurDad, you're only encouraging him. We have a life outside of books!

It's only the library you say? Judge for yourself: The other day OurDad I was walking into the WTT library with OurDad and he said, "I love the library; it's just an orgy of books."

Whatever that is I know it's something disgusting...


SourDad said...

Oh for god's sake I didn't say anything about an orgy around my kid.

It's called artistic license, but I do think the library is an orgy of books.

Miranda said...

There are good orgies and bad orgies. Books are definitely of the good kind. WTT has a very nice library, btw.

On a related note, I heard the funniest joke today but I won't put it here.