Monday, December 18, 2006

Eragon Stinks

The movie that is. Ok OurDad was right, but he’s the one who hyped the whole thing in the first place. Our Family loves the Eragon story, even the GirlChild. We’ve all listen to the audio version in the car a couple of times, and GreatMom and I have read the books one and two.

(Warning, don’t get OurDad started on audio books. He’ll go on and on about how he doubles his reading in the car. At least he’s not trying to write while he’s driving, yet.)

Anyway he got everyone all excited about the movie version. He actually started a “This Many Days to Eragon” count down on the family marker board. But then as the day approached he starts warning us about screen adaptations. “How do you turn a 544 page book into a movie?” “You Don’t! I don’tr want you kids getting your hopes, it’s gonna stink.”

Ok the right characters were in it, but that’s about it. Even the Dragon, Saphira, looks wrong. Did the animators even read the book, leathery not feathery. The whole movie turned into a game with each of us racing to see who’d say, “wrong”, whenever the script went awry of the book. OurDad got a little carried away keeping score and all, but I think the people that came in the theater with the flashlights distracted him. From then on we just hummed uha uha to each other.

Even GreatMom said, “Did Paolini approve of the script?” But OurDad was leading the critique as usual: editing this, voice-over that, plot lines, character development, I warned you guys, bla, bla, bla.

After an hour or so of Eragon (the Movie) bashing it hit me: OurDad hyped the whole thing back in November only to shift gears at the last moment so he could tell us he told us so. And boy did he tell us so.

That’s OurDad

Sorry Christopher, but the movie version isn’t going to boost book sales, but we’re still looking forward to the next book.

Really when's the last time you saw a good movie that was a book first? No The Lord of the Rings doesn't count.


Miranda said...

LOTR does NOT count. B-o-o-r-i-n-g.

Stewart Sternberg said...

I think you are going to have to go to the scifi and fantasy blog to read my rant on the author. The story of how this book got written and published made me nuts.

You know, I didn't think the movie looked all that wonderful. I plan on waiting for DVD. If that. Actually today, I went to the theater and just couldn't find anything that interested me.

SourDad said...

Hi Stewart,


I'll go check out your rant.

I've been restricted to kids flicks for a few years so don't ask me about the movies unless you have kids.