Tuesday, December 12, 2006

We're Back

The Girl child and I got away from the blogging thing, and we’re actually sorry. We stopped for lots of reasons: First of all we thought we’d get caught, but now we think Great Mom has a bit more of a sense of humor than we give her credit for, and so what if we spell out some of OurDad’s frustrations at the old CC he might actually get a real job if he got fired. Our second excuse: We were too busy or maybe we just were being too creative with the posts so we are going to take it easy on ourselves. Our new blog motto: More posts, less quality.

Wow, Boy Child how “Jerry Maguire” of you, but he’s got a point, with no entries there’s no quality. When we think back on all the things we didn’t blog over the summer and the first half of the school year we were really bummed that we didn’t get them blogged, there was our trip Camp Grandma Gandpa Gandma Grandpa all by ourselves, and OurDad’s beating all his teammates a the big race up north, loosing soccer seasons, the great homework blowout of 2006, how about OurDad's daily rants against the war and president Bush, the democratic takeover, his never ending book recommendations and too many more. The mere fact that we can’t remember it all was proof enough we needed to ease off the home work and get back to blogging because he is still driving us crazy, just don’t tell GreatMom or OurDad.

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