Thursday, December 14, 2006

Ten Bucks?! But I already paid for that!

Apparently someone at the old CC isn’t sure OurDad actually graduated from anywhere, and they are demanding official transcripts from both of the schools he claims to have attended. The GirlChild and I love OurDad’s sense for loopholes, but GreatMom told him to, “Put those diplomas back on the wall”.

Defeated again by GreatMom’s over overruling sense of “things you just don’t do” OurDad got on the Internet, the solution to all problems, and soon Great Mom was wishing she’d let him drag the diplomas, frame-in-all, down to the old CC.

“Ten Buck for a transcript?! Ten stinkin’ dollars! What the hell was all that tuition for at MooCow U.” Hick State doesn’t charge a dime for transcripts, and that’s where I got my Ph. D. Lucky I don’t have a whole bunch of jobs or we go broke just trying to prove I gradated.” He was so mad he called the registrar’s office at MooCow U not to complain, but to ask how much a replacement diploma costs--$30.

GreatMom threatened to revoke his phone privileges and told him to quit making a federal case of it, and just order the transcripts like every one else.

“For ten bucks a shot I otta just fold up my diploma and carry it around in my wallet.”

We’re still not sure if he’s teaching next semester or not. God help us if he’s home all day by himself.

That’s OurDad


Miranda said...

You've been there how long? And...the spring? And now...this?

Their payroll department over at the Old CC isn't the brightest. I didn't get paid for months while they figured out if I had a degree or not..from them.

I got another "Switch to Beta" "I'm sorry, you can't switch to Beta" and looking at all the goodies you have (like post navigation on each page), I really want to.

SourDad said...

Actually it's at the other CC